First run with Flask AppBuilder

Flask AppBuilder (FAB) is a rapid development env based on Flask which should make it easy to develop CRUD apps. I had a database model that I wanted to get a better UI for so I tested FAB for this. Here are some learnings while working with this.

I used this introduction while building the model. I also use sqlacodegen to generate the models (some manual changes are necessary, but it still saves time).

FAB seams to need an id column as the primary key

The primary key column is not shown in the UI. FAB seams to assume that a id column is used that isn't shown. I had to add a id column to the table and use this as the primary key instead (not optimal...). Sidenote: I tried misc macOS tools to add a auto_increment id column (MySQL Workbench, TOAD, Sequal Pro etc.) but ended up installing phpMyAdmin locally instead. It seams to be the best tools around for MySQL/MariaDB only phpMyAdmin managed this in one go (without export/import to new tables).