Microsoft BigData

Microsoft BigData/HDInsight Datawarehouse


Micorosft are developing a BigData Solution based on Hadoop. Currently is Hortonworkd HDP 1.1 used but this might change. What's good is that HDP has good support for ODBC which makes it possible to connect to the data warehouse from a vareity of reporting solutions (foir instance Excel).



  1. Launch a AWS EC2 instance, I'm using m1.xlarge for now
  2. Connect and install HDInsight using this
  3. Install Hortonworks ODBC driver (I'm using 64 bit) -
  4. Check that hive is up and running. Open a PowerShell session
  5. cd C:\Hadoop\hive-0.9.0\bin
  6. ./hive -h localhost -p 10000
  7. show tables- empty result but there should not be any errors
  8. Open the task manager, check that CPU and Memory is ok
  9. Open the ODBC manager
  10. Navigate to System DSN->select Sample Hortonworks...->Configure
  11. Now enter Host: localhost, Hive Server Type: Hive Server 1
  12. Hit test
  13. Go to the Task Manager and click on the CPU column

Java consumes 30% CPU and ODBC 15% and ODBC manager does not respond.

Test with MapR ODBC Connector

Download the MapR ODBC driver from here:

Do the same test as above. Same result...