Some open source stuff

This is a list of articles written while I was playing around with some (at the time) new open source technologies.

2012-11-28: Blacksmith CMS

2012-11-26: Heroku for PHP

2012-11-26: CSS stuff

2012-11-23: SEO introduction

2012-11-22: Responsive WP themes

2012-11-21: Testing Mobile apps

2012-11-19: CMS on NodeJS

2012-11-18: More on web frontend development

2012-11-13: Hosted Helpdesk

2012-10-24: Send mail with AWS SES

2012-10-22: Logging services - save and analyze logs, centralized instead of spread out on different servers

2012-10-22: John Resig articles - creator of jQuery, always worth to read

2012-10-22: More JS MVC

2012-10-21: JS grids

2012-10-22: NoSQL DBs

2012-10-21: Browser side templates

2012-10-18: Batch scheduling in NodeJS

2012-10-18: NodeJS on Heroku

2012-10-16: Git internals

2012-10-14: Phing - build tool based on ant for PHP

2012-10-10: Debugging NodeJS

2012-10-08: Web and mobile icons

2012-10-07: Setup node.js on OSX

2012-10-05: Agile PM Tools

2012-09-30: Github pages

2012-09-30: CMS update

2012-09-19: Git and SSH

2012-09-09: HTML UI - modern HTML basen UI:s for desktops, tablets and mobiles

2012-09-09: Play around with the Github API

2012-08-30: cfengine - configuration management

2012-08-29: CSS Sprites

2012-08-22: Performance analysis in PHP

2012-08-15: Setup apex urls like

2012-08-15: Create mirror using wget

2012-08-12: Docco - simple tool for generating documentation

2012-08-10: JavaScript Apps - HTML and JavaScript has matured and can be used for large scale business critical applications

2012-08-10: Shrinking CodeIgniter

2012-08-10: Setup AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Getting AWS Beanstalk setup with Git and deploy a PHP application

2012-08-10: Customized Elastic Beanstalk

2012-08-10: AWS ELB

2012-08-10: Hosted Issue Tracking - Short survey of hosted issue tracking solutions

2012-08-10: Amazon-web-services-development - Use git to deploy to EBT

2012-08-10: Git related stuff - Getting started with git and GitHub